Quickest Way to Lose 15 Pounds or More

Browsing through countless web pages for hours, I asked myself these questions so many times, in the hope of finding a successful formula to enhance my looks and improve my life. Now, after I won the battle against excessive weight, I know the solution, of course. At the same time, I wish that as many people as possible get to know about the wonderful program that transformed my life.

I recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances because no one’s life should be filled with discontent and depression due to constant dieting, privations, and worrying about one’s unattractive looks. I don’t forget about the friends I don’t see often because of the thousands of miles that separate us. We keep in touch, though often in writing (skype-ing).

So, this way, I helped Jim deal with his excess weight. Even throughout our high school years, I remember how embarrassed and hateful he was toward his body, but he couldn’t do anything about it. I remember how others made fun of his stoutness, with his plump figure being so easy to make out when he was around other children.

During sports classes, he was a really comic sight at times, rocking slightly clumsily when preparing for a high jump – and quaking the floor when landing. Now, Jim is a respected engineer and holds a prestigious position in a large corporation. Probably, he was trying to compensate for his bodily defects by excelling at the university.

We keep in touch even today, and I love his sense of humor. I felt sad for the fact that he hadn’t married yet; he often complained about his problematic relationships with the women he liked. They, understandably, were not attracted to him. I knew that in the rare cases he had a relationship, his girlfriends took advantage of him as he earned good money.

I’m glad that during all these years, Jim didn’t give up, he wasn’t broken-hearted, though I can imagine how hard it was on him. He shared with me how much effort he put exercising, how he was trying all kinds of methods for quick weight loss, as well as diets to make his figure at least a bit more appealing. And now, I’m happy I am the person who helped him deal with overweight. I hardly waited to convince myself that the dietary program (which I praise for good reasons) would work out, and I won’t regain the excess pounds. Then, I sent him a link to the website so that he started taking advantage of it as soon as possible.

Are you curious to find out what happened to him?

I couldn’t wait to find out as well, and words failed me to express my happiness when he called to thank me. He said that the program was really working for him. Jim started losing weight and it was visible; so, he continued exercising to get his body in good shape. He was so astounded and euphoric, dreaming of a different life that awaited him.

Let me show you a part of his letter (with his permission) and what he shares:“But let me tell you why the majority of dietary programs don’t work (suck).
1. They make you eat so little that you almost starve to death. A skinny guy cannot get that. Or these grinning fitness instructors on TV. Those same folks who count every calorie, eating through a straw. I’ll give you an example. It was long ago – 1991. At my first work place, I managed to save money and bought myself a car. It was „1966 Ford Thunderbird Convertible”. It was a two seat monster with its 345 h. p. and 8-cylinder engine, the dream of many guys my age. There was nothing better than the quiet road at night, the music of Beach Boys, and the excited companion next to you. Now, imagine I fed this beast with a few gas drops. Would I enjoy it, feeling the power that came from the 428 cubic meters of the ‘red bullet’?

That is what’s happening with most dietary weight loss plans. In most cases, nutritionists are skinny, I’m sure, and cannot understand our needs. How can I make these 330 pounds on me have their needs satisfied by feeding them with just a few crumbs of bread?
2. Sweating at gyms, beauty parlors and so on… If you haven’t seen a 330 lbs hippopotamus in a jersey, I can show you my photos at the gym. They aren’t good for people with a weak heart! It isn’t right to make us, overweight people, do sit-ups and use the jogging track. Sit-ups are for people who can tie their shoes in a standing position, and the jogging track has a limit of 242 lbs. Darn limitations! It’s like I’m driving on the highway!
3. You eat crap and have a stomachache. You have meteorism. You are an idiot! It’s just like that joke. A father and his son are walking on the street. The child asks: ‘Daddy, why does mom call you an idiot?’ ‘You’ll find out when you grow up, son,’ the father responds. On the next step, he can’t help it and farts. ‘Why is your stomach upset, dad?’ the son asks. ‘Because what your mom cooks is crap,’ the father replies, lost in thought.

That’s what is happening with most dietary weight loss programs. You eat hog-wash. You have a stomachache. You are…

This product is really for anyone who feels that these thoughts resonate with his experience. You eat delicious food, just as you like it. You can prepare it at home. Or it can be take-away. You choose from more than 70 products. And you see the results right from the first week. No boring fitness programs. No calorie counting. It’s really fantastic!”

I advised some other friends of mine to start on the program.

I am more than convinced now that this program works for women and men alike, with lasting results on top of all.

So, if you are looking for quick and easy way to lose weight, I’ll tell you my secret to losing 15 pounds a month.


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