How to Start Weight Training For Women

Weight training for women can proceed in 3 different ways when training with weights is your goal, you can workout with free weights, machines or by combining the two together to help achieve overall health for women.

Personally I prefer the latter (dumbbells and barbells) for the majority of exercises The demand on your body is greater with free weights and still allow your limbs and joints to move within their natural motion. Your body will move in a motion when using machines dictated by the make and designing of the machine.

Most joint injuries and muscle strains come from the result of using machines that put unnatural stresses on the human body by locking you into a far too rigid position.

In the past when I have noticed prople injured during training , it’s generally come about when using machines (and unsuitable form) instead of dumbbells and barbells. Free weights will provide you with the ability to isolate individual muscles and exercise in a variety of ways. When you use free weights it doesn’t matter what your weight, height , length of your limbs (legs and arms ) you can have a total body workout.

Quite a few machines today are of great quality and design , and you are provided the ability to make adjustments to the machines for your particular physical proportions. Now that I have said that, quite a few machines still seem to be geared towards the average person in mind, you do stand a higher risk of injury, if you are not average.

I’m not wholly against machines I do use them in my training, lat pull downs, leg extensions and various other exercises. I believe that you should be using free weights 60 to 70% of the time in your training.

Machines will keep the resistance working along one plane only, this will result in the muscle group your training using less muscle while performing the exercise. The idea is to use as much of the muscle group at the same time to create utmost growth.

The muscle does react differently to the different types of resistance created by using free weights or machines. When a muscle is being hit from various angles and directions constantly as with free weights the resistance will be different and more positive then using machines which are always along a foreseeable line.

The bottom line is a work out is a work out, and sometimes you just have to make use of what is at hand to do your workout. The main thing is, that you do workout.